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The Language uses a hybrid of evidenced based practices

  • Psychoanalysis Therapy - Freudian

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Preventative Services - Harm Reduction 

  • Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)

  • Guided Imagery

  • Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MCFT) 

  • Gestalt Therapy 


Adulting comes with its challenges, stressors, and anxieties as we deal with transitions, relationships, and finding our place in a busy world. The language allows adults to better understand themselves and reach their desired quality of life, establishing happiness, and being in more control of their outcomes such as fitness and or career goals. Some of the many areas The Language covers when working with adults are:

  • Life Transitions 

  • Career

  • Educational Pursuits 

  • Relationships 

  • Financial Issues 

  • Coping 

  • Self-image

  • Confidence 

  • Parenting  

  • Fitness 

  • Legal Issues

  • Grief and Loss

  • Personality Types


In one of the most critical time periods across the lifespan, today’s youth face unique challenges, especially with technological advances in terms of perception of self and status.  The Language allows youth to start to shape their value system and have skills to navigate social situations more confidently. Some of the many areas The Language covers when working with youth are: 

  • Peer Pressure 

  • Self-image 

  • Confidence 

  • Social Skills 

  • Defiance 

  • Substance Abuse 

  • Academics and Careers 

  • Family Expectations 

  • Mixed Family Issues 

  • LGBTQ+


Therapy isn’t for weak minded players it’s the future and the time to get ahead of the game is now. 

Throughout my athletic pursuits as a player and coach it became evident that there are missing links in terms of resources and awareness made to all types of athletes and their families on what it actually takes to not only achieve but to leave an everlasting mark of success when competing across all levels (high school, college, and professionally). Yes, The Language is redefining how you can elevate your game by changing the way you approach it, by making the benefits of therapy more easily integrated thus preparing you for the obstacles that come with those ambitions. This is possible through application of The Language’s tangible formulas utilizing evidenced-based practices in a form of “plays” for all situations athletes could face. Let me help you from a combinations of my experiences dealing with being a player, coach, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have had the pleasure of seeing success among clients I have worked with such as All-State players, All-Americans, current and former D1 Athletes, and  professional athletes in leagues such as the NFL or UFC. Some of the many areas The Language covers when working with athletes are:

  • Performance-Training 

  • Confidence-motivation 

  • Sports Culture

  • Substance Abuse 

  • Identity Loss

  • Off the field issues-relationships 

  • NCAA Clearing House

  • Scholarships-recruiting 

  • Academics-Grade improvement 

  • Legal Issues 


In my time working with artists I’ve found that there are many mental blocks and out of proportion fears of the world that deter creativity.  In a process where the language not only helps plan artists' routes we uncover core beliefs that block one’s ability to be themselves in a competitive market. Also, we increase confidence when pursuing this dream is often not supported and can also act as a barrier to success. We will work on:

  • Developing your brand 

  • Perfectionism 

  • Core beliefs 

  • Fear

  • Making Connections

  • Image 

  • Confidence


In a world where it is almost inevitable that we become exposed to substances those who do are often shamed and misunderstood.  Drug culture is very prevalent in our society and the custom is to be aware of treatment options such as "The 12-step Program." However, few are aware that this program is not evidence-based. The Language is built on a hybrid of interventions that are and they work together to allow you to create your own personal policy, and hold yourself to it. I have found more success in building tailored treatment plans to client needs and have experienced that the openness is what has been needed.  We address other addictions and the philosophies found in The Language allow us to keep taking steps forward, keep learning, updating our odds and uncovering deeper issues along the way. I use a Freudian style but backwards as I track your current progress and know what parts of your past to uncover by applying cognitive filters to any justifications and excuses. The areas of addiction I specialize in treating are as follows:

  • Substance Abuse

  • Self-harm

  • Sex

  • Food

  • Gambling

  • Shopping

  • Gaming

  • Social Media  

Specialties: Resources
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