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It is where we empower people to firmly grasp their ability to stabilize emotions, promote their desired level of functioning, and achieve positive outcomes throughout the lifespan of any given situation by raising their understanding of the self by utilizing an approach that is tailored to each client with the unique therapeutic language. The Language places an emphasis on contextualizing each person's circumstances within the frameworks developed by Julian Dalanhese LCSW so that each client can look into the figurative emotional mirror and take an honest inventory of what they see while in a safe therapeutic setting to make clear decisions about their life.

With each therapy session, we will start to learn concepts that contain frameworks which are used more like blueprints to organize your thought patterns when approaching situations. We will start to change your thought process as we identify, counter, and dissolve cognitive distortions to ultimately change your approach to life. This process is tailored to each client based off their needs and will result in achieving your definition of success.  

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"There will never be 'the right time' in your life to do a great thing. You must create that time and greatness will follow."

John A. Passaro

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As you’re probably aware, this is not your typical therapy destination.  At The Language I start off by getting to know you and becoming more familiar with what outcomes you desire to promote or avoid in your life. In a real environment where we both need to choose each other to continue please know that I’m prepared to embrace all types or ways of life; you will be accepted here. I intend to learn from you and if you’ll allow, teach you what I’ve learned through my life experiences and how I made sense of it through my education. This is where mental health is re-defined.

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1309 W South Jordan Parkway, suite 210 #7 
South Jordan UT 84095


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